packingSWVA Moving & Storage Offers Extensive Packing Services

SWVA Moving & Storage will send professional packers to help you prepare for your move day. Our diligent packers will take care of as much or as little as you want; including everything from prudently packing your best china to professionally crating your art collection to emptying and boxing up the contents of your desk. We’ll do the dirty work so you don’t have to. Fill out our Online Estimate Form or call SWVA Moving & Storage to plan your pack job and help ease the stress of moving today!

SWVA Moving: Home of the Area’s Best Box Prices

If you’d prefer to pack yourself, SWVA Moving & Storage is still the way to go. We offers quality packing materials for the best prices in the Southwestern Virginia/West Virginia area. The experts at SWVA Moving will gladly help you get an idea of which items you need and how much you can expect to use. If you buy from us you can even return any materials you didn’t use during your move to SWVA Moving & Storage for a full refund up to 45 days after making your purchase.

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